HSTs can order fall classes for returning students in the COS starting July 19.



A-G classes offered by single-subject credentialed teachers with three options:

  • HSVA-Live! - 2 day/week live instruction

  • HSVA-Edmentum - 100% asynchronous learning

  • HSVA-Hybrid - 1 day/week live instruction + asynchronous learning in Edmentum


Core classes for 7th & 8th grade students by single-subject credentialed teachers with two options:

  • JHVA-Live! - 2 day/week live instruction

  • JHVA-Edmentum - 100% asynchronous learning

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Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

All VA teachers have a single-subject credential in their subject area and are considered to be highly qualified teachers. Every teacher has experience working with homeschool students and in an online learning environment. Teachers are trained to safely and effectively use Zoom, Schoology, and Edmentum to enhance learning.

VA teachers partner with the entire learning team to ensure student success. The VA teachers, HSTs, learning coaches, and case managers all play a vital role in the student's educational journey and this partnership is crucial to the positive experience and success of all students.

CA Single-Subject Credentialed Teachers
Learning Team Partnership

All high school core classes offered are California a-g approved classes.


HSVA offers 4 years of a-g English, Social Science, Math, and Science as well as Spanish, Art. and Leadership electives. 

The virtual academy offers three different options for learning:

  • synchronous virtual classes through Zoom and Schoology

  • asynchronous online learning through Edmentum

  • hybrid learning through Edmentum

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"HSVA supports my learning by having interesting classes that draw me in and not push me out."

"The thing I like most is it is stress-free. I don't feel pressured, and the deadlines are very reasonable. The teachers are always very supportive, whether it is helping a student through an assignment in Office Hours, or just some moral support to help you out! "

"HSVA teachers go above and beyond to make sure I succeed. The online platform is easy to navigate and use."

"It has given me more freedom to get the stuff around the house done. It has also helped with my anxiety because the teachers are super helpful."

— Joaquin Z.

— Carson B.

— Isaac M.

— Jaiden J.